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We are looking for volunteers for the 2023 Fall FEASTival.
Please fill out the form below to volunteer for many open positions.
Time slots and details listed below:

Event Setup: 7am - 10am
Duties: Placing road barriers, hanging banners, assembling tents, setting up tables,
setting up trash bins, assisting vendors, setting up carnival games, etc.

 Carnival Games: 11am - 5pm
(Three 2-hour blocks of time available)

Duties: Setup and tear down of games and prizes, operating games, collecting cash,
awarding prizes, etc.

Bounce Houses 11am - 5pm
(Three 2-hour blocks available)

Collecting cash & assisting attendees with bounce houses.

Sanitizing & Trash Removal: 11am - 5pm
(Three 2-hour blocks of time available)

Duties: Changing trash bags, sanitizing tables, picking up trash on the streets etc.

Information Booth: 11am - 5pm
(Three 2-two hour blocks available)
Duties: Collecting donations, collecting votes for Food Truck War, selling merchandise, answering questions, explaining the mission of our Foundation (printed handouts provided), etc.

End Of FEASTival
Emptying trash bins, disassembling tents and carnival games, etc.

I would like to volunteer for:

Thanks for volunteering! We'll email you confirmation asap.

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