We are looking for volunteers for the 2022 Fall FEASTival.
Please fill out the form below to volunteer for many open positions.
Time slots & details listed below:

Vendor Check-In: 7am - 8:30pm
Duties: Checking in vendors as they arrive, handing out printed material, directing them to their booth space, etc.

Event Setup: 7am-10am
(3 one-hour blocks of time available)
Duties: Placing street barriers, hanging banners, assembling tents, moving picnic tables,
setting up trash bins, etc.

 Vendor Assistance: 8AM-10:00AM
(3 one-hour blocks of time available)

Duties: Assist vendors, provide tape for booth space numbers, etc.

Sanitizing & Trash Removal: 11am - 6pm
(8 one hour blocks of time available)
Duties: Changing trash bags, sanitizing tables, picking up any trash on the streets etc.

Information Booth: 10am-6pm

(4 two hour blocks available)
Duties: Collecting donations, marking votes for Food Truck War, selling t-shirts & decals, , answering vendor & event attendee questions, explaining the mission of our Foundation (printed handouts provided), registering people for the Healthy Eating Contest, etc.

End Of FEASTival. 5:30 - 7pm (approximate times)

Duties: Retrieving booth space numbers, trash removal, moving picnic tables, disassembling tents, etc.

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Thanks for volunteering! We'll email you confirmation asap.